Friday, May 14, 2010

External Scoring -- Orange Text (John)

1. External Scoring
2. The Impact of Collaboration
3. Common Assessments
4. Application for WMC

Written Responses -- Purple Text (Diane)

1. Written Responses in Performance Assessments
2. The excessive time devoted to reading means less time for science and social studies
3. Application for WMC

Frequent Assessments -- Blue Text (Beth)

1. Frequent Assessment of Student Progress with Multiple Opportunities for Improvement
2. The value of Feedback
3. Action Research and Mid-Course Corrections
4. Application for WMC

Curriculum Choices -- Green Text (Jayne)

1. Curriculum Choices
2. The Impact of Time
3. Cross-Disciplinary Integration
4. Application for WMC

Achievement -- Red Text (Joanne)

1. Focus on Academic Achievement
2. Constructive Data Analysis
3. Application for WMC

Thursday, May 13, 2010

High Performance in HIgh Poverty Schools by Doug Reeves

There are 5 common characteristics of these 90/90/90 schools. We are going to explore each one in a separate post. They are:

1. Academic Achievement
2. Curriculum Choices
3. Frequent Assessment
4. Written Responses
5. External Scoring